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Equity Starts Here Challenge Week 4: Structural Inequity

Now that we’ve explored equity on an individual and community level, we are going to look at it on a national scale. This week, we’ll review four industries that struggle with structural inequity.

  • Housing

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Justice system

Your challenge for this week

Complete the post-survey. You’ll notice it’s the same survey you took at the beginning of this challenge. Now compare what’s changed or where you may have grown since participating in this challenge. Do you better understand equity? Have your opinions become more nuanced? Do you feel better educated on the subject?

During the week, practice being a better ally by helping to educate your circle. Share the material we’ve provided.

It's never too late to join the challenge! Sign up and find each week's reading and viewing material at

To join the conversation online, post with #EquityStartsHereChallenge.

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