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Training Series

This webinar series is free to all NCCAA members. If you’re a member and you missed a previous webinar, contact us today to receive links to access past webinars. Email with the subject line: Webinar Training Series – Member Access

More Webinars Coming Soon!

Past Webinars In This Series

April 2, 10 am | Identifying Substance Use Issues and Mental Health Concerns in Case Management, taught by Marie Huggins

April 9, 10 am | Social Media 101: How to Build Your Community Outreach, Engagement and Referrals Digitally, taught by Mariah Handy

April 13, 10 am | Leading and Engaging Employees Who are Teleworking, taught by Dr Demond Spann

April 14, 10 am | Rebooting the Fearful Mind: Sharpening your Lead in Times of Coronavirus, taught by Teri Beckman

April 16, 10 am | Workplace Wellness Webinar, taught by Patrice Graham, MPA

April 17, 10 am | Working From Home? A Roadmap to Success!, taught by Malcolm J. Ratchford, M.S.

April 21, 10 am | ROMA Centered Program Evaluation: Improved Personal Accountability, taught by Shawn Howell

April 23, 10 am | Domestic Violence 101, taught by Sharice Potts

April 30, 10 am | Beyond the Buzzwords: The Daily Practice of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, taught by Alexa Broderick

May 21, 10 am | The Art of Creating Better Images, taught by Charlie Dickens

June 16, 10 am | Beyond Preparedness: Building Community Capacity for Hazards in 2020, taught by Dr. Sarah DeYoung

June 18, 10 am | Village HeartBEAT Model: Our Health, Our Priority, Our Community, Our Voice, taught by Cheryl Emanuel

June 25, 10 am | How to Host Virtual Conferences and Why You Should, taught by Krystina Dillard

August 28, 10 am | Your CAA and Legal Aid: Partnering for Success, taught by Isaac Sturgill

October 22, 10 am | 20 Questions for 2020, taught by David Bradley

November 17, 10 am | Innovation in Housing Solutions: Spotlight on Mountain Projects, taught by Patsy Davis

May 4, 10 am | What's Next?  Navigating Legal Concerns in an (Almost) Post-Pandemic Environment, taught by Xavier Lightfoot and Ken Gray

May 27, 10 am | Red Hat Training and Certification: Proving that you have computer skills, taught by Forrest Taylor

June 3, 10 am | Coronavirus Vaccine Transportation - Opportunities with RIDE UNITED NC , taught by Kaia Clarke and Bahby Banks

July 6, 10 am | Balancing Leadership & Management Responsibilities, taught by Jim Sheegog

August 4, 11, 18, 10 am | The TV Lady Presents Be: Be Seen, Be Heard, Be You, taught by Valonda Calloway

October 21, 10 am | Covid, Children and NC Child: A Closer Look at Policies During a Pandemic, taught by Arssante Malone

January 25, 10 am | Health, Wealth and Equity: Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), taught by Elle Evans-Peterson



We offer a variety of training and certifications beyond our webinar series. Click the button to learn more about our in-person and online opportunities.

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