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The TV Lady Presents Be: Be Seen, Be Heard, Be You

Part One   | Wednesday, August 4, 2021,    | 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Part Two    | Wednesday, August 11, 2021, | 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Part Three | Wednesday, August 18, 2021,  | 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Presented By: Valonda Calloway

Valonda Calloway is a native of Richlands, in eastern North Carolina. She graduated cum laude from Winston-Salem State University. She began her career in media as a writer and reporter at the Voice of America radio in Washington, D.C. Valonda returned to North Carolina as a news reporter and anchor for WNCT-TV in Greenville. In Raleigh, Valonda was an anchor and reporter for WRAL-TV. When WNCN launched the lifestyle show My Carolina Today, creators called on Valonda to host. There, she interviewed and danced with The Rockettes and Cirque Du Soleil and interviewed many stars including Marlon Wayans, Jayne Seymour and Anthony Anderson.

We live in a distracted world. From phones buzzing to dinner burning to children begging, a lot of us are multi-tasking all the time and not giving our full attention to anything. That is why it's more important than ever to communicate in a clear and concise way that doesn't add to the distraction, but rather holds the attention of the person or people you're talking with. In this series of workshops Valonda Calloway, "The TV Lady," will show you:

  • How people perceive you and why they don't listen to you.

  • A simple formula for crafting messages that people will remember. This includes putting participants on camera and playing it back.

Join us for this three part series!

Past Webinars In This Series

April 2, 10 am | Identifying Substance Use Issues and Mental Health Concerns in Case Management, taught by Marie Huggins

April 9, 10 am | Social Media 101: How to Build Your Community Outreach, Engagement and Referrals Digitally, taught by Mariah Handy

April 13, 10 am | Leading and Engaging Employees Who are Teleworking, taught by Dr Demond Spann

April 14, 10 am | Rebooting the Fearful Mind: Sharpening your Lead in Times of Coronavirus, taught by Teri Beckman

April 16, 10 am | Workplace Wellness Webinar, taught by Patrice Graham, MPA

April 17, 10 am | Working From Home? A Roadmap to Success!, taught by Malcolm J. Ratchford, M.S.

April 21, 10 am | ROMA Centered Program Evaluation: Improved Personal Accountability, taught by Shawn Howell

April 23, 10 am | Domestic Violence 101, taught by Sharice Potts

April 30, 10 am | Beyond the Buzzwords: The Daily Practice of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, taught by Alexa Broderick

May 21, 10 am | The Art of Creating Better Images, taught by Charlie Dickens

June 16, 10 am | Beyond Preparedness: Building Community Capacity for Hazards in 2020, taught by Dr. Sarah DeYoung

June 18, 10 am | Village HeartBEAT Model: Our Health, Our Priority, Our Community, Our Voice, taught by Cheryl Emanuel

June 25, 10 am | How to Host Virtual Conferences and Why You Should, taught by Krystina Dillard

August 28, 10 am | Your CAA and Legal Aid: Partnering for Success, taught by Isaac Sturgill

October 22, 10 am | 20 Questions for 2020, taught by David Bradley

November 17, 10 am | Innovation in Housing Solutions: Spotlight on Mountain Projects, taught by Patsy Davis

May 4, 10 am | What's Next?  Navigating Legal Concerns in an (Almost) Post-Pandemic Environment, taught by Xavier Lightfoot and Ken Gray

May 27, 10 am | Red Hat Training and Certification: Proving that you have computer skills, taught by Forrest Taylor

June 3, 10 am | Coronavirus Vaccine Transportation - Opportunities with RIDE UNITED NC , taught by Kaia Clarke and Bahby Banks

July 6, 10 am | Balancing Leadership & Management Responsibilities, taught by Jim Sheegog



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