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The North Carolina Poverty Simulation Experience

The NC Poverty Simulation Experience provides communities with an opportunity to rethink poverty. The simulation is an interactive immersion experience that brings to life the realities of our neighbors who live in poverty. 

NCCAA recently upgraded the dolls used in their NC Poverty Simulation Experience. The ready-or-not-tots, typically used in high schools to give students some insight into the challenges of caring for a baby, have brought an added element of realness to the Poverty Simulation experience. 

The Poverty Simulation is an experience that brings communities together for an exercise in compassion. The simulation facilitates role-play scenarios that allow participants to experience the struggles faced by low-income individuals and families.

The goal of the Poverty Simulation Experience is to stimulate community-driven conversations about local poverty and empower communities to seek solutions. Participants will be given a limited income that they use to pay for life’s daily costs while navigating unexpected misfortunes like illness and unreliable childcare providers. 

NCCAA facilitates Poverty Simulation Experiences for groups across the state. For more information or to plan a Poverty Simulation in your community, click the button below to fill out a training request form. We will contact you to discuss your needs and how you can bring the NC poverty simulation experience to your community. 

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