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Social Determinants of Health

Social determinants of health are factors of our physical, emotional and social environment that have key impacts on our health. In fact, 80% of our health outcomes are determined by where we live, work and play. For more than 50 years, community action agencies have provided a variety of programs and services which improve social determinants of health for low-income citizens. With investments from Duke Energy and Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC, we also offer the following programs:

Healthy Homes Initiative

Having a healthy and safe home is essential to our mental and physical well-being. Unfortunately, many of North Carolina’s families are unable to afford the repairs and home safety updates necessary to protect their health. Our Healthy Homes Initiative provides families with the crucial home repairs that they need to improve their health.

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Duke Energy Weatherization Program

All too often low-income families are faced with the difficult choice of deciding between paying their energy bill or buying basic necessities like food and medicine. We are working to make both possible.

Duke Energy Helping Home Fund

We expect to help over 700 North Carolina families save energy and money through free home energy makeovers thanks to Duke Energy's Helping Home Fund.

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