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What is the challenge?

The North Carolina Community Action Association (NCCAA) will celebrate Community Action Month with a 21-day challenge inviting the public to better understand and support a culture of equity.

Community Action Month—celebrated in May--highlights the successes of the Community Action Network.  Community action agencies connect millions of children and families to greater opportunities, transform their lives and make our communities — and our nation— stronger.

The Equity Starts Here challenge is a four-week educational initiative to guide participants in learning more about equity, how it applies to the community, and how they can apply the term to their own lives. Each day of the challenge, participants will receive an email with that day's topic, learning material, and discussion questions. The challenge will run each Monday through Friday throughout the month of May. The challenge is designed for individuals to do alone; however there are materials on the website for those who would like to participate as a group.

“Equity is an underlying issue to many of the social issues we are currently facing,” said Sharon C. Goodson, executive director, NCCAA. “We believe that education is a crucial first step to changing some of the actions necessary to eradicate exclusionary behavior.”


Week 1:

What is Equity?



This week, fill out the pre-survey. We will use it at the end of the challenge to see what's changed.


And this week, share something you learned each day with someone in your circle.


What is Empathy?

Today, we start with the basics. In order to truly understand and advocate for equity, we all have to work off the same definition.


Equity vs Equality

It's important to understand the difference between equity and equality, and understand why equity is the new goal.


What Does Equity Look Like?

Equity envelopes everything from education to social justice to law to your own family dynamics. With so many possible ways we can be impacted by equity, we decided to focus on a few areas that we all have in common: school, the workplace and our cities.


How to Embrace Change When it's Hard

Our society is undergoing major change right now, much of which calls for equity. Learning how to handle that change, whether it's scary or exciting, is an important part of bringing more equity into society.


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Equity Starts Here Challenge!

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