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Thank you AE Touch Technologies, Inc - Change Maker Sponsors for 2024 Conference

Established in 1977, AE Touch Technologies, Inc., a minority-owned business, has been in operation for 46 years. Adam Crappel, Jr. started AE Touch Technologies as as a printer/fax machine/calculator provider in his small hometown of Morgan City, Louisiana and has grown substantially, servicing customers in eighteen (18) states and Puerto Rico.

After years of successful growth, Adam expanded to other diverse technologies including interactive flat panels, temperature sensing kiosks, webcams, air purifiers, disinfecting robots and more.

AE Touch Technologies, Inc. specializes in several sizes of Interactive boards (43”, 49”, 65”, 75”, 86”, 100”, 110”), with interactive software that allows the customer to import and use existing lessons, to annotate over any application, and teach with subject-specific tools.

AETouch also offers LCD Video Walls with stunning high-contrast images that are perfect for meetings, educational facilities, and retail spaces. Another new feature, the AE App Box, supports touch-based learning games focused on reading, spelling, math, and phonics.

Mounting options include standard and motorized wall mounts, and rolling stands. Cameras, 4k anti-reflection interactive panels, and palm rejection technology are available. Navigation is possible with a pen or simply with the touch of your finger. The technology is compatible with your current hardware (PCs, Macs, Chromebooks).

All of AE Technologies' interactive flat panel displays come with an on-site 5-year parts warranty and 3-year labor warranty which begins on the day of installation. As always, AE Touch Technologies does not charge for delivery, installation, and training for your new purchases.

Lastly, AE Touch Technologies offers safety solutions including a Temperature Kiosk that is a contactless scanner that will detect any temperature abnormalities within seconds, a 30-person thermal checkpoint, and air sterilizers to protect against airborne viruses.

AE Touch Technologies, Inc., focuses on reliable, innovative products and provides unrivaled customer support. Adam Crappel, Jr is a technology pioneer and AE Technologies, a Change Maker sponsor. Thank you to AE Technology for partnering with the NCCAA.

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One of the safety solutions offered by AE Touch Technologies is the Temperature Kiosk, a contactless scanner that can discover temperature anomalies in a matter of seconds. geometry dash

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