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Adam's Success Story: A New Career

“Adam” came in to Experiment in Self-Reliance (ESR) underemployed. He was trying to support two children and his wife who had to stay home with their infant son, who had faced several surgeries after he was born. He wanted to complete CDL training so that he could have stable employment that paid well enough to support his family until they could put their baby in daycare. In less than five months in the program, Adam attended every workshop we offered in our Your Money Your Goals series, and with assistance from ESR, he completed his CDL training.

Two days after completing his CDL training and testing, he received his CDL license. Adam was able to sign a contract to begin training and be hired with a regional trucking company. This allowed him to be home with his family on the weekends. ESR has been able to help the family remain stable until he completed the CDL training.