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Healthy Food = Healthy Life: Meal Planning and Recipes to Make it Easier to Eat Healthy

We all know that healthy eating is key to living a healthy life. However, few of us are ever taught how to keep a healthy diet, or what a healthy diet even looks like. This becomes even more difficult when you can't always afford fresh food.

One of the best ways to eat healthy but cheap is to meal plan. Meal planning sounds complicated, but it's actually very easy. It can be broken down into four steps: plan your base (pasta, rice, salad), cook a protein (fish, chicken, beef, beans, etc), prepare your vegetables, and then season and combine!

Chef Craig prepared this easy meal planning guide which include a grocery list with estimated cost and a brief walk-through of how to prepare some of the items.

Download • 362KB

When you meal plan, you can buy ingredients in bulk. A five pound bag of rice can be the base for two weeks worth of meals depending on the size of your family. And when you look at the cost of buying in bulk compared to smaller quantities, it just makes sense!

If you've never eaten healthy before, you'll probably not be a big fan at first. That's because you are unfamiliar with the food, and we tend to dislike foods we are unfamiliar with. But keep at it. You'll find that the second or third time you try a recipe you'll really enjoy it, especially as you adapt it to your tastes.

If you're looking for a quick, easy meal, try these Super Food Quesadillas! They are packed with high quality foods that will fill you up and keep your body going.

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