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Arerel Belmer Joins NC HEAL as Success Coach

Arerel Belmer only had to move down the hall of the Goldsboro office to take on her new role as HEAL NC’s Success Coach and she is excited to roll up her sleeves and begin working with families in need of a little support and guidance.


“I am most excited about helping families overcome the obstacles that they are facing – and just being the motivator for someone and helping them realize their potential,” Belmer said. “Sometimes you don't know what you are capable of until you have someone that truly believes in you, and I want to be that person for these families.”


In this role, Belmer will be providing case management and other resources to families who are part of the HEAL NC initiative. HEAL NC provides resources to help empower Head Start families to achieve sustainable livelihoods.


“Providing them with the tools they need to be successful will be a rewarding experience,” Belmer added. “I am excited about growing and building with the families and the program.”


Arerel previously worked as an administrative assistant with WAGES in the Weatherization Department. She has an associate degree from Wayne Community College and will graduate next week with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from UNC at Pembroke.


In August, Arerel will be pursuing her master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling at Walden University.


As she goes after her dreams to become a counselor, Arerel remembers her mother and grandmother who serve as her main source of inspiration.


“They both had to overcome many obstacles and even when the outcome didn't look good, they never gave up,” Belmer said. “They taught me to keep going and that nothing worth having comes easy, you have to work for it.”


Congratulations to Arerel and welcome to the HEAL NC team! 

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