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Equity Starts Here Challenge Week 3: Racial Equity

Now that we have a better understanding of equity and our own believes about equity, let’s begin discussing inequity in our society. This week, we’ll focus on racial inequity:

  • Racism

  • The Effects of Racism

  • Immigration and Refugees

  • Allyship

Your challenge for this week

If you are a person of color:

Many people make racist comments without understanding that they are racist. Racism has an incredible emotional toll on those who experience it. It is not your job to change or take accountability for someone else’s behavior. Your challenge this week is to do some self-care around your experience with racism.

  • Get together with your friends and talk about your experiences and feelings around racism. Let it all out.

  • See a counselor or therapist to discuss your feelings and find strategies for change in your life.

  • Write a letter to someone who has made hurtful comments in the past and explain how those comments may have impacted you.

  • Speak out against racism towards other ethnic groups.

  • Thank five people in your circle who have supported you when you needed it.

If you are not a person of color:

Championing racial equity as a white person can come across as condescending. We are not opening doors for people of color because they are too weak to do it themselves. We are not mighty beings aiding lesser ones (this is a fundamental thought in racism). Instead, we are adding our strength to theirs as they open doors, and standing by them when they demand more for themselves. We are there to cheer them on, back them up, and add to what they already have. This weekend, do at least one of the following to help add your strength to theirs:

  • Patronize a business owned by a person of color.

  • Call out someone’s disrespectful comment.

  • Volunteer at a nonprofit that supports communities of color.

  • Educate yourself by reading a book on racism or conduct online research.

  • Apologize to anyone to whom you may have made racist or disrespectful comments.

  • Make a plan of action – find one way you can reduce racism in your home or community and make a plan for how to eliminate racism there, then start executing that plan.

It's never too late to join the challenge! Sign up and find each week's reading and viewing material at To join the conversation online, post with #EquityStartsHereChallenge.

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