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YVEDDI's Transportation Service, Circulator, Helps Low-Income Families Become Independent

YVEDDI runs a transportation service called Circulator that provides transportation to low-income families at an affordable price. “Robin”, a frequent passenger, expressed her appreciation for YVEDDI’s Transportation services and their continuous improvements to assist people in the community. She now has a full-time job, can run errands regularly throughout the week, and is able to get routine medical attention, which she could not do before. The Circulator route runs right to her home and throughout the town where she completes her daily living needs. She currently buys a $3 all-day pass and plans her schedule accordingly.

Despite many of the positive experiences with Circulator, some new passengers are still hesitant to use public transportation. But after hearing the experiences of others who regularly use the service, they became more interested in the possibilities public transportation would open to them. YVEDDI offered a tour to any new passengers who wanted to know about the program, which included printed schedules and brochures with more information. They were also able to see the trained drivers in action. The passengers were very impressed and were confident that they were in great hands. Once the travel training tour was over the grouped expressed their appreciation for the experience, promised to tell others, and were looking forwarding to riding again.

Reliable transportation is often one of the greatest barriers for low-income families, which is why public transportation is so important. Great work YVEDDI for not only providing the transportation, but helping clients feel comfortable using it. Learn more about Circulator here.

Want to Help People in Need?

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