Watauga County Success Stories: Healthy Homes Initiative At Work

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

“Chris”, a Watauga county resident, was in an accident that crushed vertebrae in his neck. Following the corrective surgery, he suffered a stroke and became disabled. He must use a walker. His home had become cluttered and unsafe for him. The Healthy Homes Initiative funding was used to remove debris form the home so Chris can continue to live independently. 

Darrick's Story

Darrick” is a 86-year-old man who is aging in place with assistance from a caregiver in Watauga county. He lives in his home that he built with his own hands. The home had a broken window that was allowing water in because the window casing had rotted. We also discovered a hole in his ceiling where the roof had leaked for some time. The Healthy Homes Initiative fund was used to repair the casing, replace the window, and repair the roof. The improvements allow Darrick to age in the home that he is so proud of.

James's Story