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Watauga County Success Stories: Healthy Homes Initiative At Work

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

“Chris”, a Watauga county resident, was in an accident that crushed vertebrae in his neck. Following the corrective surgery, he suffered a stroke and became disabled. He must use a walker. His home had become cluttered and unsafe for him. The Healthy Homes Initiative funding was used to remove debris form the home so Chris can continue to live independently. 

Darrick's Story

Darrick” is a 86-year-old man who is aging in place with assistance from a caregiver in Watauga county. He lives in his home that he built with his own hands. The home had a broken window that was allowing water in because the window casing had rotted. We also discovered a hole in his ceiling where the roof had leaked for some time. The Healthy Homes Initiative fund was used to repair the casing, replace the window, and repair the roof. The improvements allow Darrick to age in the home that he is so proud of.

James's Story

“James” is a senior citizen in Watauga county who is a terminally ill cancer patient. James has little to no immune system.  His home needed weatherization, but a leaking roof prevented the agency from doing the needed repairs.  The Healthy Homes Initiative program funded the repairs to the roof on his small home.  With the home now dry, the agency was able to provide weatherization services through funding from the Department of Energy and LIHEAP.

Isaiah's Story

"Isaiah”, a Watauga county resident, suffers from heart disease and his COPD requires full-time oxygen. His wife left him a few years ago, leaving him devastated and alone. Over time his home became cluttered and unsafe. The Healthy Homes Initiative funding was used to declutter the home, remove appliances that no longer worked including a wood stove. After the home was decluttered, the funding was used to do a deep clean before a new stove, refrigerator, and vented spacer heater were installed. Isaiah now has a safe place to live.

Madison's Story

“Madison” is a single parent of a son that attends Appalachian State University, and a daughter who lives at home full-time. Madison works two jobs to make ends meet while also providing care for her father and uncle. She continues to work towards a nursing degree which has been her dream for many years. The roof on her mountain home was in disrepair leaving her home damp and cold. Healthy Homes Initiative funds were leveraged with a Home Preservation Grant to install a new roof. State weatherization funds were then used to properly insulate the home and install a new heat system. The family now can feel safe and warm in their home and not dread each time it rains or snows.

Maya's Story

“Maya” is a senior citizen of Watauga county who is providing a home for her granddaughter who was 7 months pregnant. Our agency discovered that their hot water heater had stopped working and they had not had hot water for several weeks. The Healthy Homes Initiative fund provided a new hot water heater for the home. The family is so grateful for the assistance that was given to them.

Landon and Jenny's Story

"Landon" and "Jenny" live in Watauga county with their two young children. One of the children, "Jacob" suffers from an illness that has required many hospital and specialist visits. Jacob's temperature spikes randomly to an extremely high fever which puts his life at risk. Doctors think that his body temperature spikes with any exposure to germs or bacteria. The family home’s roof was leaking and there were moisture and mold issues in the interior ceiling. The roof had deteriorated so badly that any repairs to the shingles were not possible. The funding from the Healthy Homes Initiative was used to provide a new roof on the home. Jenny said, “What an incredible difference you’ve made in my home!” Hopefully now, Jacob won't have so many sudden fevers.

Tasha and Nathan's Story

“Tasha” and “Nathan” are senior citizens in Watauga county who only receive small disability checks each month. Their hot water heater had not been working properly for some time, but with the combined annual income under $12K, they could not afford a replacement.  The hot water heater was leaking and there was mold growing on the walls of the closet where the heater was located. Tasha suffers from COPD and the mold was putting her lungs as risk. Nathan received an electric shock while attempting to repair it on his own. The Healthy Homes Initiative funding was used to replace the hot water heater, the closet walls were dried out, and the mold was treated.

We are grateful to have a sponsor like BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina who invests in our communities, and so proud to have WAMY Community Action as part of our network! We couldn’t do this important work without them and their dedicated staff!

Want to Help People like Chris, Darrick, Madison, James, Maya, Landon, Isaiah, and Tasha?

  • Donate | We use your money to help run our programs, and provide training that helps organizations and individuals make their way to self-sufficiency. You can donate on our web page or find an agencies local to you.

  • Volunteer | We can’t do this alone. Join us! Find one of our agencies in your county and check out their website for volunteer opportunities.

  • Become a Member | Did you know you can become a Community Action Member? Membership provides discounted tickets to our various events, an inside look into our organization and more. Membership fees start at only $25 a year for an individual, or $300 for an agency.

  • Partner with Us | We are humbled by the many non-profit and for-profit organizations that partner with us to bring services, educations and events to North Carolina. If your organization is looking for a non-profit to partner with, please consider us. Email us at We would love to hear from you!

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