Valerie's Success Story: From Eminent Eviction and Unemployed to Employed and Stable

On September 27, 2019, "Valerie" joined the CSBG Self–Sufficiency program at Wayne Action Group for Economic Solvency (WAGES) with several issues: eminent eviction, unemployment, medical conditions, and limited family support. Her case manager explained that the program typically lasts three years, but Valerie was determined to graduate within six months. She decided to not sign up for disability because she didn’t want to rely on the government for a check. She was determined to not let her medical condition hinder her. 

WAGES supported Valerie by paying for two months of rent ($1,000) to avoid eviction and provided her with interview trainings, interview clothing, and gas vouchers to attend and prepare for interviews. During the time Valerie was applying for employment, she also completed an online course in customer service and graduated with a certification. She re-enrolled in a four-year degree program at Wayne Community College majoring in Business Administration. 

A short time later, her case manager provided Valerie with a referral to Verizon Wireless and helped her complete the application and update her resume. Valerie contacted her case manager on October 9, only 12 days after their first meeting, to say she was scheduled for an interview with Verizon Wireless for a Business Account Manager position. Valerie practiced interviewing skills and customer service techniques with her case manager to prepare for the interview. Two days later, she was offered the position with a starting salary of $38,400. 

Valerie graduated from the CSBG Program on February 18, 2020, right on time for her personal deadline of graduating in six months.

Valerie is proud that she did not allow her medical condition to limit her ability to provide for her family. She says she will never forget the support she received from WAGES, and especially from her Case Manager who was more of a family support than a resource.

Great work, WAGES! We are grateful for all you do and all the people you help!