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Meet our Executive Directors: Seth Friedman, CEO of Passage Home

Seth Friedman, Chief Executive Officer of Passage Home, self-describes his office desk as a mess. “I try to do everything digitally, so when I get a business card or anything similar, I enter the info on my phone and throw it in a drawer,” he said. “That same drawer holds a toothbrush, wires, thank you cards, and more. It looks like the junk drawer we all have in our house.” Learn more about Seth in this Five Questions with an Executive Director feature.

What drew you to non-profit work?

My parents. They ran a residential summer camp and alternative education program in northern New Jersey. We lived there year-round and underserved kids from New York City, Philadelphia, and various New Jersey towns would spend weeks, months, or the entire school year at the facility. It was in the foothills of the Ramapo Mountains and provided an amazing experience