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Bryan, Benjamin & Laila's Stories: Healthy Homes Initiative in Robeson, Moore & Cumberland County

“Bryan” and “Brianna” are residents of Robeson county. Bryan suffers from heart disease and asthma. Their home had many issues including a leaking roof which resulted in some of the interior ceiling being on the brink of collapse and the bathtub was unusable. The floor beneath it had rotted. The Healthy Homes Initiative funds were used to repair the roof and install a new walk-in shower.

Benjamin's Story

"Benjamin" is a handicapped senior citizen living in Cumberland county. The Healthy Homes Initiative Program provided an ADA Toilet and plumbing repairs needed for a safe installation. Benjamin is “extremely satisfied.  It’s gonna be a lot safer now with that new toilet in there!”

Laila's Story

“Laila” is legally blind citizen in Moore county and had to idea that there was standing water under her home until our agency came out to assess her home for weatherization services.  Without funding from the Healthy Homes Initiative program, her home would have been deferred. Through the funding, a sump pump was installed to remove the standing water, and Laila received weatherization services. Laila said, “My home is dry and now I can get a new heat system. I am so thankful!”

We are grateful to have a sponsor like BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina who invests in our communities, and so proud to have Action Pathways as part of our network! We couldn't do this important work without them and their dedicated staff!

Want to Help People like Bryan, Benjamin and Laila?

  • Donate | We use your money to help run our programs, and provide training that helps organizations and individuals make their way to self-sufficiency. You can donate on our web page or find an agencies local to you.

  • Volunteer | We can’t do this alone. Join us! Find one of our agencies in your county and check out their website for volunteer opportunities.

  • Become a Member | Did you know you can become a Community Action Member? Membership provides discounted tickets to our various events, an inside look into our organization and more. Membership fees start at only $25 a year for an individual, or $300 for an agency.

  • Partner with Us | We are humbled by the many non-profit and for-profit organizations that partner with us to bring services, educations and events to North Carolina. If your organization is looking for a non-profit to partner with, please consider us. Email us at We would love to hear from you!

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