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Belinda’s Success Story: Securing Success through the Pandemic

For years, Belinda had worked with her own non-profit, "The Big Super Ten Event," helping others in the community. Despite her generosity, she had major issues supporting herself. Belinda has her Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and many professional skills, but she was looking for a career change, something that would be more fulfilling. Belinda came to CAF seeking employment and wanted to go to truck driving school. She had gone to another agency to sign up for training, but when it was time to enroll they had exhausted the funds and she was unable to join. 

Throughout the months of applying and waiting for a job, her bills had begun to pile up. Her mortgage was behind, the car payments were due and food was low. It was a choice to either find a "job" and give up training for a career she wanted, or wait until funds were available and work at night.  Funding for CDL Training through CAF allowed her to finally enroll and she found a part-time job to supplement her income while attending CDL classes, occasionally driving for Uber and Lyft.

However, it all went downhill when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit. Suddenly, she had no source. She couldn’t provide the basic needs for herself and was at risk of losing her home. Belinda took a job to drive for Postmates and Uber Eats to make ends meet, but the bills kept piling up faster than she could pay them.

CAF provided emergency financial assistance for the rough patches where she was in desperate need, and she continued to work and support herself as best she could. Since the shutdown restrictions have lifted, she is back in class and has graduated with her CDL.

Belinda is on her way to success and the career she always wanted. 

Belinda’s story is a great example of the struggles working poor families face. It seems that no matter how many hours you work, the bills keep piling up. We are so proud of her for taking the risk to find a fulfilling job despite the rough patches it put her through. And we are proud of her for asking for help when she needed it. She is an amazing example of hard work and perseverance in the face of poverty.

Want to Help People like Belinda?

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