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Allyshia’s journey from addiction and homelessness to stability

In April 2020, I was homeless, in a toxic relationship with someone who did not see my worth, and I was surrounded by trauma. I was unemployed, stole food, and arrested for missing court dates. Worst still, my four children had been placed in foster care the year before.

I was not putting the most important things first: my children and myself. I was alone with no food, no phone, and no hope. I asked God to forgive me. That night, the Lord saved me.

I slowly began my path to recovery. I packed my few belongings and asked my only friend to help me escape my life of trauma, addiction, and abuse.

Over the next few months, I went through detox at Neil Dobbins Center, then received additional treatment at Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center in Black Mountain. The pandemic was a benefit as it stopped time and allowed me the opportunity to get my life back on track. I was reaching out to as many resources and support services as I could for help on this journey.

Last October, my domestic violence instructor at Safeworks, a collaborative partnership between Safelight and Community Action Opportunities (CAO), referred me to the CAO Life Works Program. Since enrolling in Life Works, I got my own apartment, better employment, and bought a more reliable minivan. I also enrolled at Blue Ridge Community College and I am just a week away from graduating with my certification in phlebotomy.

Most importantly, I completed the requirements of my case plan with the North Carolina Department of Social Services. The courts have granted me a trial home placement with all my children. They are finally back home with me after more than 700 days in foster care.

I am able to continue on this journey and gain control over my life with the support of God, my church family, my Life Works coach, the staff at Safelight, and the love and support of my family and friends. I am surrounded by strong powerful women who want me to succeed.

Life Works has been the ultimate push that has gotten me this far. My Life Works coach wrote down my short-term goals and I have almost completed each of them. My Life Works coach is the first person I call if I need to make any important changes. I would not be so successful without God leading me to Life Works. I have created this amazing life to support my children and myself. I trusted God and took that first step. I am so grateful to have this awesome new life with so much support and so many resources. That is a great blessing.

Allyshia’s Life Works coach, Carrie, said she has seen Allyshia take huge steps in creating a better life for her children and herself. “She has done the hard work to complete each one of her goals with a positive attitude and consistent smile,” said Carrie. “It has been remarkable to watch Allyshia achieve all these goals for the sake of the ultimate goal of reuniting with her children.”

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