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45 Creative Ways to Help Your Community

If you’re in a position to give, it’s because you’ve had people in your life who have invested in you. You’ve been given opportunities to get an education, have good friend and family support, build a network, get a living-wage job, etc. Unfortunately, millions of American’s go without those same opportunities. That’s why you’re investment in the lives of your local community members is so important.

Most non-profits will ask you to help them make those opportunities by donating money. But sometimes we want to do more than just donate money. Although monetary donations are vital to a non-profit's ability to function, it’s not as gratifying for the donator. As a giver, we find more joy in giving when we get to see the effect of our generosity. Here are some fun, creative and different ways to help the people in need in your community. Remember, no matter how you give follow the COVID safety guidelines to keep everyone safe.

  1. Throw a birthday party for homeless children at a local shelter.

  2. Create “I Care” kits for single parents or homeless families who struggle to afford se