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Success Story: Justin says “thanks for helping me start my career”

“I just want to start off by thanking all of you at Charlotte Area Fund for believing in me and investing your time in me. Before joining the program, I didn’t have a plan for the next five years of my life, nor did I know what career I wanted to pursue. Thankfully you all helped me find a career that I’m passionate about and can advance in.”

Those were the words that a grateful Charlotte Area Fund client wrote after successfully working with the agency to gain career training, After struggling to find a career that would provide advancement opportunities and support his family, Justin went to Charlotte Area Fund. CAF case managers enrolled him in several of their work readiness classes where he received his Universal EPA certification, a comprehensive HVAC certification, as well as computer training. As part of the work readiness program, Justin also received soft-skills training on time management, handling difficult work situations, and finding work-life balance.

After completing his certifications, Justin found full-time employment at RKW Residential, a property management company.

His heartfelt letter to CAF continued:

“Classes like work readiness and computer skills helped me be the best I can be and taught me how to handle situations at work and at home.

“You guys have resources like no other and I’m very grateful to have received support and assistance. I’ve been rewarded with tools and most importantly a Universal EPA Certification that can provide a better life for me and my family. Again, thank you.”

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