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Starting a career she’s passionate about: Mona’s success story

Mona approached Charlotte Area Fund (CAF) for assistance to pursue a registered nurse (RN) certification.

She had earned a certified nurse assistant certificate and had been pursuing her RN certification in Virginia. After a lengthy discussion with her case manager, it became clear that Mona wasn’t passionate about nursing.

CAF’s case manager helped Mona explore potential career opportunities. She decided to try trucking again. While trucking is a male-dominated field, Mona had previously enjoyed driving trucks and was confident she’d enjoy it again.

With CAF’s help, Mona enrolled in a class to renew her expired CDL Class A license. While she waited to begin the CDL certification class, she obtained a job with a car rental company. Obtaining her CDL would allow her to advance in her new job as a driver at Charlotte Douglas Airport.

Mona resides at the Salvation Army Center of Hope. She has repeatedly attempted to find permanent housing. Unfortunately available housing is scarce.

Mona has endured some tough breaks. But, with persistence and tenacity, she has remained on track with schooling. Eight months after coming to CAF, she passed her CDL Class A test with flying colors and received her license.

Mona is looking forward to affording a home and buying her own vehicle.

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