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Spotlight on Healthy Home Initiative: Cultivating Healthier Spaces

A healthy home includes both the physical structure of your house and the spaces around it.

Unfortunately, some families struggle to make home repairs. NCCAA’s Healthy Homes Initiative is a transformative program for qualified homeowners who need crucial renovations. The initiative, funded through an endowment by BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina, provides up to $2,500 per family for home repairs.

Recently, the program provided Cheryl Robens of Hot Springs in Madison County, with funding to have repairs done to a bridge in front of her home. The bridge needed new layering to provide better driveway access. A gratified Cheryl said, “Mr. Pangle was here last week and got the bridge done in two days. Luckily, they didn’t have to build the bridge from scratch as there was already a steel bridge to our driveway. The crew only had to remove two layers of rotten wood, then apply two layers of strong wood.

“I bought thank you cards for all crew members and will write a thank you email to everyone, too. I’m super thankful that we now have a new bridge. The bridge is beautiful, with a railing on the side, making it safer. The crew graded our long mountain driveway, too. The pictures I have will last a lifetime. Thank you is not enough, but it’s the only word I have for all the generosity given.”

Learn more about the Healthy Homes Initiative and ways in which you can help. Qualifying individuals may apply throughout the year by contacting their local community action agency.

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