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SCAP hosts pop-up events to inform families of resources

With re-openings largely in place across the state, many residents are still searching for support to help them weather the lingering effects of the pandemic.

Earlier this summer, the Southeastern Community Action Partnership (SCAP) hosted several educational pop-up events for families in Pender, Bladen, Columbus, Scotland, Hoke, and Robeson counties families. In addition to distributing information on resources available to those in need of assistance, the events provided games and music to those in attendance.

SCAP provided material on its self-sufficiency, Head Start and other programs that provide funding to support low-income families. The organization’s Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) program specifically provides aid to residents directly impacted by the pandemic.

“We want families in our communities to know that we care and that we may be able to assist them,” said Kathleen Lowe Jacobs SCAP’s Community Services Block Grant director. “The impact of sharing resources with the participating families was wonderful and gratifying,” she said. “Our mission was accomplished at our events as we improved and empowered the lives of those in attendance.”

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