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Krystina Dillard Assumes Role of Deputy Director

January 3, 2023

Dear Team NCCAA,

Krystina Dillard began her journey at the North Carolina Community Action Association in August 2013 as a Community Action Fellow. Since joining the organization nearly 10 years ago, Krystina has helped navigate the good, bad and challenges associated with managing a nonprofit association, as well as taken advantage of opportunities to grow professionally in areas that directly impact community action outcomes as a Certified Community Action Professional, a ROMA Trainer, and Poverty Simulation Facilitator. Today, please join me in congratulating Krystina on her new role – Deputy Director of the NC Community Action Association.

In this capacity, Krystina will continue doing what she currently does while also assisting more in day-to-day management of the Association.

The Promise of Community is alive and well and open for everyone on our team to grow.

Congratulations, Krystina.

Sincere Regards,

Sharon C. Goodson, CCAP

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