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From temporary work to CNA: Cara’s success story

In March 2020, "Cara,” a single mother of one child with another on the way, came to Experiment in Self-Reliance (ESR) seeking to better her life. She was working at a temporary agency making insufficient money to support her growing family. She enrolled in ESR’s Self-Sufficiency Program for help in reaching her educational and career goals.

ESR’s Self-Sufficiency Program is designed to help clients increase their education, get a higher paying job, rise above the poverty level, and ultimately become self-reliant.

With the help of her success coach, that’s exactly what Cara did.

In May 2021, after giving birth to her second child, Cara obtained her high school diploma. With the diploma, she could start a new job and earn enough to support her family.

Cara drove to work every day but did not have a valid driver's license. Unable to pay old traffic tickets, she had let her license lapse. Realizing that she needed to resolve the situation, Cara saved what she could to pay the outstanding debt. After settling the debt, she obtained a driver's license.

Cara didn’t stop there. Thrilled by her successes, she enrolled in a certified nursing assistant (CNA) class and earned a CNA certification in December 2021. After graduation, she enrolled in a medical technician certification program.

Cara plans to continue dreaming big and working to achieve each of her goals.

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