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Bertie Tornado Victims: The Hall Family

The Hall family is one of the many families impacted by the tornado that hit Bertie county. “Joseph” and “Miranda” have four children. One son attended the Choanoke Area Development Association Head Start program in Windsor. And one of their children was injured when the tornado hit.

They owned their home but don’t have homeowner insurance. Joseph was laid off from his warehouse job prior to the tornado and Miranda doesn’t work. Things were tough before the tornado.

When the tornado hit it destroyed their home and all of their possessions. Nothing was recoverable. They lost their furniture, clothes, toys, eyeglasses and even their inhalers for asthma. Their son “Ben” was seriously injured in the tornado. He was released from the hospital in Greenville, but due to his injury, he has to return every two to three days for treatment. It is a two-hour round trip and the Hall’s car was damaged in the tornado leaving them without transportation. Getting Ben to his necessary appointments has been stressful for them.

Joseph says the family struggles to change into fresh clothes each day. Due to COVID, they have stopped receiving donated clothes and have to do with what they have.

The Halls have done everything they can to try to rebuild their lives. They are currently being sheltered by relatives so they’re children have a roof over their head. Joseph has just started receiving unemployment benefits which has helped, but they have to start all over. Not only are they trying to find a new home, they are trying to replace everything they use to own, buy a new car, take care of their sons sudden medical needs, and prepare the kids for the new school year.

The Halls are in desperate need of support! They need basic necessities like toiletries, clothes and the money to afford a new home, car, medical bills and school supplies. And they are only one of many families that are facing this situation.

If you can, please donate so we can help the Halls! Use the donate button above and write Help for Bertie in the description. 100% of your donation will go directly to the Halls and families like them who are in need of emergency assistance.

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