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Virtual Board Summit

Thursday, June 4, 2020

from 10 am - 3 pm


10 am

Effective Advocacy by Board Members

David Heinen

Advocacy should be an important part of the work of every nonprofit, but many organizations fear it because they assume they don’t have the staff capacity, tools, or funding to advocate effectively. Spoiler alert: There is no “right” way for a nonprofit to advocate for its mission! In particularly, board members can often be particularly effective advocates. This workshop will highlight some questions that nonprofit leaders can ask (and then answer) to determine the “right” advocacy approach for their organizations and their boards. We will also discuss special challenges and opportunities in an election year and during the COVID-19 pandemic

11 am

Born To Win: The Art & Science of A Winning Presentation

Kimberly Winborne

The fear of public speaking is one of the most prevalent of all phobias. Understanding the value of you and learning to master the skill of public speaking can be a rewarding communication tool. In this training, we will cover the art and science of public speaking. You will learn how to reach out to a group of people with confidence, and connect with your audience. Once you understand how to truly reach people and communicate effectively, a whole new world of possibilities will be opened to you!

12 pm

Keynote Lunch Speaker: NAVIGATE: 8 Breakthrough Principles for Resilient and Successful Leaders

Steve Gutzler

Successful leaders don’t drift towards success, they NAVIGATE. In this globally unprecedented time for all businesses, Steve will provide a clear roadmap of actionable steps to rebuild, rally your team, and regain business success. In this virtual program, participants will learn:

  • Self-leadership strategies to grow your capacity

  • Daily focused principles for 3% wins

  • Visualization techniques for a powerful mindset

  • How to pivot toward new innovations that set you apart

  • How to attract great people and lead the way


1 pm

Fund Development During COVID-19: Becoming Stronger in Crisis

Samantha Swaim

This session will look at the fundraising data coming out of this crisis, what is expected to shift in the fundraising landscape and how donors are shifting giving priorities. We will discuss small and big ways that board members can impact fund development, especially in this time. We will examine case studies of what is working and how little efforts can have big impact.

2 pm

Self-Care Beyond Bubble Baths: Assessing How to Take Better Care of Your "Whole" Self

Dr. Ticola Ross

The presentation will review the dimensions of wellness, address barriers to self-care, and provide guidance for a personalized self-care plan.

Meet The Speakers


David Heinen

David Heinen has been with the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits since 2007, leading the Center’s public policy and advocacy work and providing non-answers (and occasional useful information) about legal compliance, trends in the nonprofit sector, and advocacy to hundreds of nonprofits! Before returning to North Carolina to work for the Center, David spent seven years as an attorney with a Washington, D.C. law firm serving the nonprofit community. He lives in Raleigh with his wife and two young(ish) children.


Kimberly Winborne

Kimberly H. Winborne, Win Strategist is a Communications and Finance Consultant; a motivated entrepreneur of almost 20 years who helps entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to access their next level and win through personal, professional, and financial development and resources. Kimberly is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI),with a focus on family legacy. She teaches her clients how to attain financial security, overcome the debilitating cycle of debt, including credit repair, as well as strategies to build and sustain a solid financial foundation, including family planning. She developed a program to help her clients to eliminate toxic financial habits, while learning healthy ones, known as The Debt Detox™. Kimberly Winborne, #borntowin believes that entrepreneurship is a key component of financial freedom. She shares the message that we are all born to win. Her companies are founded to support communities through business development, financial literacy, and education. She is the co-founder of a professional networking organization called Visionary Networking Circle, and the Communications Manager and Director of Operations for Triangle Entrepreneurial Leadership.


Steve Gutzler

Steve Gutzler is a dynamic speaker who engages audiences everywhere on leadership, emotional intelligence, and personal transformation. He has an exceptional ability to communicate clear leadership and business solutions with humor, clarity, and insight. Most importantly, Steve provides strategies on how to self-manage those 17% moments in business and life. Through his programs, Steve inspires greatness for individuals at every level. He believes every keynote presentation should transform a life and inspire leadership, and he presents with passion and conviction.


Samantha Swaim

Samantha Swaim has more than 20 years of event planning and fundraising expertise. She founded Swaim Strategies, a fundraising event consultancy, in 2004, working internationally with nonprofit organizations to produce impactful events that move missions forward. Samantha is the co-author of “Planning a Successful Major Donor Event” and the founder of the annual Elevate fundraising event conference. She travels internationally to teach nonprofit professionals the tools they need to elevate their impact through events.


Dr. Ticola Ross

Dr. Ticola Ross resides in Charlotte, NC with her husband and 6 year old boy/girl twins. Currently, she's Clinical Assistant Professor and Field Education Director in the School of Social Work at UNC Charlotte and also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Cano Family Services. She graduated from NC State University with a B.A., M.S., and Ph.D. in Applied and Community Psychology and a M.S.W. in Social Work from UNC Charlotte. Clinical areas of speciality include identity development, life transitions, self-care, anxiety, depression, and grief and loss. Ticola's a die hard Grey's Anatomy fan and loves audiobooks! 

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