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Spread holiday cheer this year
with these easy ideas!

The North Carolina Community Action Association is challenging everyone to spread holiday cheer this winter by joining its 12-day Spread Joy Challenge.

The Spread Joy Challenge is an experimental challenge to help participants find new ways to connect with their family, friends, neighbors and community. Each day they will be challenged to do random acts of kindness, sign up for a volunteer opportunity, or connect with the people they care for. Activities can be completed individually or in small groups.

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Spread Joy Calendar

Day 1


Volunteering is a great way to give back to people less fortunate than yourself. Donating your time is always a fun family activity and a good way to connect with people who share your passions. 

Today, sign up for a volunteer opportunity!


Go to Activate Good to find a cause you care about. Or click here for local opportunities with our agencies.

Day 2

Show Love

Show love by telling the special people in your life how much you care about them. Reach out to five people sharing what you love about them and what they mean to you. Share your thoughts via a handwritten letter, an email, or a social media post. No matter how you write it, or how long it is, make sure they know how much you appreciate them. 

Day 3

Connect to Your Community

Connect with your community by noticing the people around you. As you go about your day, make an effort to compliment as many people as you can. It doesn’t matter whether you know them or if they’re complete strangers. 

If you work from home or aren’t leaving the house today, try to compliment five people on social media or those in your contact list. 

Day 4

Make Someone's World

Go out of your way to do something amazing for someone.  


We suggest buying a child’s creative piece. Children love to be creative, but may not feel confident in their creative abilities. Today, buy a child's drawing, piece of jewelry, or whatever it is that they’ve created.  Pay as much as you're willing to and make sure to tell them what you like about the piece you're buying. 


Imagine how thrilled that teenager or five-year-old will feel knowing that someone wanted to pay for their creative work. We’re sure it’ll make their world. 

Day 5


Donating money is the most common way of helping your community. More than 73% of Americans donate to charitable causes each year. This year let’s try to make it 100%! 

Donations don’t need to be large to be impactful. Donate $5 or $20, or whatever sum you can afford.  

Want to make sure your donation is going to a trustworthy organization? Try a website like Charity Navigator to learn about how the organization you want to support handles their funds. 

Day 6

Random Act of Kindness

Today do a random act of kindness. We suggest “heart attacking” someone’s door. Cut out paper hearts, write positive messages and compliments on each heart and then tape them to someone’s front door – usually when they aren’t home to catch you. This is a great way to show love to someone who is quarantining, home bound, or just a friend you want to surprise. 

Day 7

Random Act of Kindness

People delight in random acts of kindness by others. You never know the impact it can have on someone. During this holiday season, consider thanking working individuals for their service and dedication to your organization. Give a special thank you to serving staff or your cashier.


If you're a boss, perhaps provide time off to your staff to allow them to participate in a group activity.

Day 8

Show Love

Too often, we may forget to show love to distant or extended family members because of our own busy schedules. Plan an event using any teleconference platform to allow family members can get together and catch up. Try to make it a reoccurring event.

Day 9


Many people struggle to provide necessities for themselves or their families. Connect with people who you may see soliciting money, food, or water to survive. Distributing goodie bags can be a nice gesture to help those in need during the holiday season.

Day 10

Make Someone's World

Do you ever think about how one simple act might make someone’s day? Think about buying a restaurant gift card to give a child in your neighborhood or family friend. It might make their day and allow them to enjoy a good meal.

Day 11


There are many ways to give back to your community. For example, you can provide a meal to residents at the Ronald McDonald House or State Employees Credit Union Family House. Both organizations host families of sick children and adults at a rate over an extended period.


Organizations like these need volunteers to give their time. Encourage a group of friends or family members to join you to host a meal or an event. Sign up directly on their website or email their volunteer services coordinator for more information.

Day 12


Volunteer at a local children's hospital to spread holiday joy. A toy drive or sending a holiday card are two ways that can brighten the spirit of sick children. A toy drive is a great way to ensure they have gifts. It reduces the financial burden on families responsible for medical bills, treatment, and extended stay of a sick relative. A holiday card can help put a smile on their face. Battling any illness can be difficult, and receiving a holiday cards can leave a lasting memory.



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