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Ways to help senior citizens in your area and beyond

Communities are stronger when every individual is happy and healthy regardless of race, gender or age. The most vulnerable populations in our society are many, among them are senior citizens.

“Senior citizens also present many opportunities for service,” said Robert Montgomery, author at Points of Lights. “Aging adults can face a number of challenges, from loneliness to failing health,” Any gesture can be grand for the impact it can make in a senior’s life. With limited mobility, seniors may need assistance with tasks. It is helpful for seniors living alone to have a helping hand.

Complete errands and provide transportation

Many seniors depend on others for transportation once they are no longer able to drive. Volunteering to take seniors to appointments or to run errands is helpful. It gives them the freedom to get the task done without worrying about getting around. Creating a pickup schedule for a senior near you is a great way to assist them with appointments and other events.

Complete household tasks

Visit a senior and see what type of household duties need to be done. Seniors who live alone may try to complete household tasks by themselves. For those living with physical disabilities, these chores may be more difficult. Putting away laundry, mowing the lawn, cleaning out a hard-to-reach area in the house, or even cooking dinner are some ways to help.

Plan an event at a local Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living is a way to incorporate residential living with supervised care for seniors. Most facilities plan group activities for seniors. Reach out to an assisted living community near you and think about planning a bingo, karaoke, or arts and crafts night. These activities can help seniors remain active and have fun while interacting with others. Be sure to think outside the box!

Complete a fun activity

Seniors may be older but still enjoy fun activities, including something as simple as walking around the neighborhood or local park. Find a group of seniors and ask for their ideas on engaging activities that they might enjoy.

Assisting a senior in your local community is not only a kind gesture but a way to improve the community in which you live. Be innovative in ways in which you may be able to help seniors. “By caring for your elders, you show your own humanity and simply do what is right,” as noted in the blog Big Hearts: Adult Daycare and Assisted Living.

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