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The 12 Days of Christmas Challenge

Have you seen the price of a partridge in a pear tree lately? Or two turtle doves? Don’t even mention 10 lords a’leapin’. The cost of the traditional Twelve Days of Christmas gifts is outside the range of most people. PNC’s Wealth Management Christmas Price Index says you’d need $170,298.03 to get all of those gifts under your tree – not including the cost of a tree big enough to fit them under.

The cost of ensuring that struggling families have a Merry Christmas is considerably less. The NCCAA, which serves all 100 counties in the state, is committed to providing food and gifts to at least 12 families in every county this season.

Sharon Goodson, executive director of the NCCAA, said “Christmas, especially for children, is a time to be joyous. This Christmas, in the midst of a pandemic, is going to be especially tough for many families throughout the state. “With our 12 Days of Christmas Challenge, we hope to raise enough money to provide gifts and food for at least 12 families in each of the state’s 100 counties,” she said.

Imagine the Christmas morning smiles on the faces of hundreds of parents who were dreading having to tell their children there’d be no gifts this year – and on the faces of children who were certain that there’d be nothing under their tree. You can ensure that they have those smiles, instead of tears and frowns.

During this, a Christmas season unlike any other, let’s have a Christmas challenge unlike any other: Challenge your friends, neighbors and co-workers to donate to the NCCAA’s Go Fund Me page. You can adopt a child for $15 or an entire family for $100, but there’s no limit to how much you can donate.

Besides, who needs seven more swans a’swimming?

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