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NC Eviction Crisis Looms: ‘Return to Normal’ Not Possible for Many NC Residents

As many Americans return to their offices for work and large-scale events again being scheduled for the summer, a potential housing crisis looms over the nation’s post-pandemic recovery celebrations. Researchers estimate that at least 4.2 million Americans could lose their homes in the next two months, due to eviction or foreclosure, with cumulative back payments totaling up to $34 billion. Without federal intervention, 30 million to 40 million renters could become homeless by the end of 2021.

The situation is equally concerning in North Carolina.

According to a recent analysis by the U.S. Census Bureau Pulse Survey, more than 200,000 renter households in NC are behind on rent. The National Council of State Housing Agencies estimates the count to be even higher in a recent report, with at least 300,000 households in the state behind on rent. From U.S. Census Bureau survey data in May’s Natio