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Improve the Health of Your Agency with ROMA

A successful agency knows which of its programs and services are achieving results and moving its mission forward. By tracking program data and analyzing outcomes, Community Action Agencies can better monitor workflow and know project status at any point in time.

ROMA, or Results-Oriented Management and Accountability, is a performance management system adopted by the Community Action network to meet the requirements of the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) act. The model is a structure for continuous growth and improvement, allowing agencies to better optimize functions like needs assessments, strategic planning and other activities related to organizational standards requirements. ROMA is embedded in the Organizational Standards and the CSBG Performance Management Framework.

The organizational standards require each agency’s community action plan and strategic plan to document the continuous use of the full ROMA cycle. In addition, the agency is required to document having used the services of a ROMA-certified Trainer or Implementer to assist in this continuous use of ROMA.

ROMA certified trainers and implementers are members of a national network who work to assure standardized knowledge of the basic principles and practices of ROMA across the country. Candidates for Nationally Certified ROMA Implementer or Trainer (NCRI or NCRT) must complete a certification program that teaches the ROMA concepts in a training setting and allows participants to apply the concepts to their respective organizations. Certification requires a demonstration of the knowledge of the seven performance-based concepts of ROMA implementation: introduction, assessment, local theory of change, planning, implementation of services and strategies, observing and reporting results, and analysis and evaluation. Certified trainers are required to teach the ROMA process to new and experienced ROMA implementers to ensure the process continues year after year.

Interested in in results-oriented management and results-oriented accountability? Learn more about becoming a nationally certified ROMA implementer or trainer by visiting

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