Hannah, Jasmine & Kathrine's Stories: Healthy Homes Initiative in Granville, Warren & Vance County

“Hannah” is a senior citizen in Granville county who suffers with diabetes and arthritis. She was unable to make needed repairs to the outside of her home where exterior wall board had rotted. There were exterior holes in her walls that exposed the interior of her home.  Healthy Homes Initiative funds were used to repair the walls. Hannah is grateful, “I don’t have to worry about anything getting in here with me.”

Jasmine's Story

“Jasmine”  is a senior citizen in Vance county who has never had air conditioning in her home. As she continues to get older, the heat is harder on her health. The funding from the Healthy Homes Initiative Program was leveraged with funding from LIHEAP to allow a new state-of-the-art HVAC to be installed. Without the Healthy Homes Initiative, the agency would not have had enough funds to address this need.

Katherine's Story