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Celebrate Community Action Month by Joining our Equity Starts Here Challenge!

Welcome to the Equity Starts Here challenge! We are excited to join you in learning more about equity and how to apply it in our relationships, homes, businesses and communities. The Equity Starts Here challenge is inspired by Community Action Month, during which each May, we celebrate the work community action agencies do across the nation, and especially the successes of our agencies here in North Carolina. As experts in poverty alleviation, we know that equity is at the center of our work. By building more equitable communities, we will be able to help more people in need.

The Equity Starts Here challenge is a four-week educational initiative to help participants learn more about equity, how it applies to the community, and how they can apply it to their own lives. Each day of the challenge, participants will receive an email with that day's topic, learning material, and discussion questions. The challenge will run each Monday through Friday throughout the month of May. While it is designed for individuals to do alone, there are materials on the website for those who would like to participate as a group.

The First Week Topics

Day 1: The Weekly Challenge

The first week of the challenge is about understanding what equity is, why it’s the goal, and what equity requires from us. At the beginning of each week, we’ll provide a challenge for that week to help prompt you to practice equity. The first challenge is designed to get you more accustomed to talking about equity in your everyday life. We’re challenging you to share something you learned or found interesting each day with someone within your circle. You can weave it into your conversation, or send one of the learning materials to someone, or post about it on social media using the hashtag #EquityStartsHereChallenge

Day 2: What is Empathy?

Day 3: Equity vs Equality

Day 4: What Does Equity Look Like?

Day 5: How to Embrace Change When It’s Hard

Don’t forget to share your thoughts with your inner circle today! If you post on social media, be sure to use the hashtag #EquityStartsHereChallenge and Join the Challenge here!

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