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ACCSA utilizes The Duke Endowment funds to help keep families afloat

It’s been two years since the onset of COVID-19, and as the nation moves into a post-pandemic phase, many low-income families find that they are still facing financial struggles. For these families, the rising cost of food, gas, and rent continues to strain their monthly household incomes.

For Alamance County’s most vulnerable families, assistance has been provided by Alamance County Community Services Agency, Inc. (ACCSA). With The Duke Endowment funding, ACCSA has assisted more than 22 families since last October. The Duke Endowment Fund provides financial assistance to agencies with supplementing rental and utility funds.

“The pandemic continues to have a significant impact on North Carolina’s most vulnerable families,” said ACCSA Executive Director Annette Orbert. “ACCSA will remain committed to helping families in Alamance County post-pandemic while working to help them achieve self-sufficiency. We are thankful for the lifeline provided by The Duke Endowment.”

An ACCSA client, a single parent of an infant son, worked a low-paying job and was facing eviction. He could not simultaneously afford his monthly utilities and maintain childcare for his son. ACCSA provided funds to help pay the rent and daycare “I’m so thankful for The Duke Endowment fund and ACCSA. The funding provided prevented us from living in my car,” he said. Several ACCSA clients lost their jobs after contracting COVID leaving several homeless and unable to afford food.

“My daughter and I caught COVID, and my bills were piling up,” said one. “I no longer had a steady income to provide for my family." ACCSA used The Duke Endowment funds to pay the client’s past due rent, helping to alleviate her stress while she looked for work.

ACCSA used The Duke Endowment funds to help another client maintain utility and rent. “I’m appreciative of the funding to cover my rent,” she said. “With my utilities back on I can now cook hot meals and enjoy hot baths.”

“As long as there are families in need in Alamance County, ACCSA will continue to find ways to help,” said Orbert. “We are so thankful to be able to leverage the support that we provide with funding from The Duke Endowment.”

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