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Game On - A Financial Fitness Experience


Classes available now


We are pleased to announce that the North Carolina Community Action Association is partnering with Game Time Budgeting to offer Game On – A Financial Fitness Experience! This financial literacy course is available to everyone interested in improving their financial fitness.

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This virtual class was created with the goal of helping you better understand how your life experience shapes your financial MINDSET and beliefs. You will have several opportunities to answer thought-provoking questions to uncover how your beliefs and BEHAVIORS about money were developed. The good part is that understanding this information will provide a strong foundation from which to build your financial SYSTEM. Don’t worry! Our process is simple and easy to duplicate since the goal is helping you produce predictable financial RESULTS.  The following list displays some of the benefits you can expect from this course:

  • Create a process for saving

  • Make your money behave

  • Reduce and eliminate debt

  • Improve cash flow

  • Develop a plan to hit your goals

  • Reduce financial stress

  • Organize your finances

  • Create simple systems

  • Improve confidence with money

  • Learn to manage money by yourself or as a couple


To see a complete breakdown of the course curriculum along with the quiz and workbook info, click the link below to learn more and enroll today.


One Time Payment: $150

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