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NC Community Action's Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented and full of unknowns, one unfortunate truth remains the same – low-income and vulnerable North Carolinians will bear the brunt of this global emergency. More than 1.4 million low-income families - the elderly, children, disabled, veterans, and returning citizens will suffer most during and following this public health crisis. Families already struggling to meet basic human needs like medical care, housing, and food, now face even more barriers as America’s economy slowly implodes and work, transportation and childcare services are not an option. The time for swift, holistic, coordinated and innovative service delivery is now.

For more than 55 years, community action agencies have served on the front lines of local communities, ensuring low-income and vulnerable people have opportunities to achieve economic self-sufficiency and to live with decency and respect. North Carolina’s statewide network of 34 community action agencies responds in real time to the emergent needs of low-income and vulnerable citizens. The COVID-19 pandemic is no different, as community action agencies have already launched special initiatives in response to this emergency. While social distancing impacts our traditional service delivery methods, community action agencies are accustomed to out of the box thinking. No two communities are the same, however, examples of agencies’ responses to meet family and community needs include:

  • Providing drive-through and delivery meal services to families, children and the elderly

  • Transporting patients to dialysis and other vital medical appointments

  • Conducting virtual case management services via phone, email, video calls, etc.

  • Establishing community drives to collect and distribute needed items

  • Working as community connectors, linking donors and volunteers with opportunities to serve families in need

  • Requesting funding flexibility from funders to meet evolving local needs

For low-income citizens, community action agencies represent a beacon of hope in troubling times. As trusted local resources and experienced service providers, community action agencies are the most equipped nonprofits to serve low-income communities in times of crisis. However, this work cannot be done alone. The NCCAA invites you to join us in supporting low-income families and communities through the work of local community action agencies. Your donation and/or volunteer support are critical to advancing this work. Together, we can ensure no child, senior, or fellow citizen lacks basic needs and support during this time of crisis.

Stay tuned for agency resource lists and virtual training opportunities.

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